Flint & Rope Firestarter Tool Kit

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Easy to use kit for lighting fire without matches

Sometimes your lighter just wont light. It’s wet for the matches or too windy. This kit is built to get a small fire going no matter what. Use the magnesium striker to get a spark going, and the combustible material will go up in flames. Additional carbon cloth will make the small flame larger, and your fire barrel will contain a flame in case your first option dies out. This is a tried and true starter it that hopefully you won’t have to use in an emergency situation.


Carbon combustion materials start and keep fire going, even if it is wet

In some cases, you need to have a backup plan. Most of the time your life doesn’t depend on it, but you never know. This firestarter kit is something that you want to keep around just in case that lighter goes out and an unexpected situation arises. Although it is easy to use in a bad situation, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in an everyday situtation. If it would please your inner boy scout, go ahead and try this method for every fire. It also makes for a great gift for that stubborn purist in your life who insists that real men don’t light fires with gasoline. 


Specification: Flint & Rope Firestarter Tool Kit

Contents Contains everything you need to make and tend to a fire out in the wilderness.
Security Feel secure in your wild forays, knowing that you have multiple methods for starting a fire.

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